17 August 2022

Simone paints the official TOOL 2022 Miami concert poster

The band has always been interested into musical experimentation and visual arts, and they asked Simone Bianchi to paint the February 10th Miami FTX Arena concert poster.

The LA progressive metal band formed by Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey came back on stage in 2022 with a US and Europe tour, following the 2019 album Fear Inoculum publication, after 2 years stop.

Being a great music fan and a TOOL fan for ever, it was a privilege and an honor for Simone to get the request directly from guitarist Adam Jones to paint the 2022 Florida concert.

Contamination between art and music has always been present in Simone’s pictorial work; he has worked for other Music Artists too, always letting himself inspire by his passion for metal and rock.

The band left Simone total freedom to express himself the way he wanted and so raised a painting on canvas by dark and surrealist atmospheres, combining the TOOL music lyrics style with Simone’s most known pictorial one.

The official poster, signed by the band, as well as the T-Shirt, is now available here on the website store section.

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