Born in Italy, Simone is an illustrator, painter, and former visual arts teacher. He is best known for his work in the North American comics industry. Simone’s style is a combination of rich textures and detailed images - making his work instantly recognizable. He has worked for DC Comics, and exclusively for MARVEL Comics; producing covers and sequential art for fan-favourites like: Wolverine, The X-Men, Thor, Thanos, The Avengers, Spider-Man and Star Wars.

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Scarlet Witch, exclusive print selected by Upperdeck for San Diego Comic-Con 2022

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Personal Exhibition: Amazing Talent

"What do you need to become a comic artist? Love, talent, passion, curiosity, technical ability, study, perseverance, wiseness, inexhaustible will to get better, autocriticism, self-analysis, sex and direct experience of the 5 sense. Possibly faith, no matter in what."

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Wish to see how Simone develops the image live? Scroll through the Video Gallery to gain insight among the sheets, pencils and tubes of acrylic paint, and enjoy a unique experience, under the banner of creativity.


at the studio

Scarlet Witch, exclusive print selected by Upperdeck for San Diego Comic-Con 2022
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2022 Exhibit BIPOLART at the Marco Lucchetti Art Gallery in Lugano, Switzerland

PAU and Simone Bianchi, BIPOLART .. and it could,'t have been different, since both muses, art and music, that inspire and have inspired both Artists' creativity will be in the game.  Different works, styles and subjects were featured in the new Swiss Gallery halls, where Simone's paintings were exibited 2 years before and where he went back, to present a series of inedited works.     

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Here is a preview of Simone's latest artworks. Not enough? Then get to the full gallery.

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