20 February 2023

Simone is February Artist Spotlight on SPAWN! The original covers will be exhibited at CArt Gallery in Rome.

Simone painted the covers for all 4 SPAWN titles for the month of February!
The 4 original covers published in the U.S. will be exhibited at CArt Gallery, in Rome, starting March 4 as part of the exhibition "The Devil in the Details: Spawn by Simone Bianchi."
In addition to the paintings, preliminaries and preparatory sketches will also be exhibited. Two other painted covers of Spawn, which will be published in the coming months, will also be shown in preview.
Exclusively for the exhibition, over the past months Simone has created 3 reinterpretations of as many historical Spawn covers, of which both the final painting and preparatory sketches will be exhibited.
Finally, on the opening day, Saturday, March 4, 2023, the first official CGC cover-signing in Italy of Simone's comic books will be organized at the Gallery.

"The Devil in the Details: Spawn by Simone Bianchi."
March 4 to 28, 2023
At CArt Gallery
Via del Gesù, 61 - Rome

“I got a message from Todd and the decision was made even before starting talking. He is one of those people with a halo of energy you absorb by just talking to. Also, he knows exactly how much creative liberty and freedom you need to create your best art. I could work with no pressure, the right indications, but also with the confidence of him and Thomas, that are the ideal conditions to give your best. Not secondary of course, the importance Spawn has had as a character since my teenage comic book collection, so.. there was never a doubt whether accepting the project or not."

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